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Taplytics is the most full-featured experimentation solution for every screen. We help PMs and engineering teams create & roll-out A/B tests without sacrificing privacy or performance

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Streamlined A/B Testing & SDKs for every language

Run experiments across mobile, web, and OTT, through a combination of it’s through our client-side SDKs, server-side SDKs. Execute and evaluate your cross-platform product strategy all in one place.

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Case Study: Houseparty

Increased 15% opt-in rates

Houseparty's growth is attributable through a combination of continuously testing everything in the app, and using data to inform their decisions.

"Taplytics helps us make decisions like what product features to keep or kill. We couldn't move as quickly as we do without it. It’s lowered our inhibitions around testing. It’s definitely made our culture more experiment-driven, and more open to trying different things."

Jeff Needles
Head of Business Operations & Analytics